Saturday, August 7, 2010


In the coming days ahead my nephew has planned the upcoming festivities in Cabraran Pequeño (August 14,2010) where he proposed to have a basketball league in our hometown of Cabraran Pequeño just as he did a year ago, which he's so proud in organizing this auspicious event, not that he single handed organize such an event but has time for his family as well as his studies. Since then as a SK chairman which by the way he won by a landslide has never failed to amuse me that in a such a young age he would be full of hope and energy to begin with in dealing not only the problems that accompanied with the job but has the effort to help out the youth as well. I guess I will never know what is a true leader, unless you have given it all that is your very best, but then again elections are drawing near and he must double his efforts, not that his running for SK again but he feels that going out your very best to help out the needy is still the priority. But what is the reason behind for his effortless stage of dedication in which I may add is too much, in the coming elections his younger sister will do battle in engaging in the elections, so therefore he is paving his way for his young and inexperience sibling to engage in the SK elections this October which I may add that Billy Oriola is top notched student in Bicol College. Valedictorian during her high school days and now President of the Student Council in Bicol College. I only wished her the best in winning the campaign that even I don't have much to say in this family I felt I'm already part of this family. Humbled and so fortunate enough to share what little they have and has manage to share it with me, I guess all in Cabraran Pequeño are like that ready to help a friend in need. Ready to face hardships in life willing to give what little they have even it's the only food they have left and try to give it away for a stranger, I all saw that in the hearts of Cabraran Pequeño's hospitality that I will never forget. So I enjoyed the people's warm-heartedness and always there to give you a smile which they expect you to give the same courtesy as this warm caring bicolanos are about to impart to you as a lessons in life that "LIFE MAYBE HARD, BUT SMILES ARE ALWAYS THERE TO MAKE IT BEARABLE."

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