Sunday, March 18, 2012


Recorded this song in one of those viva recording boot in Southmall a decade ago, found it and add some photos using Movie maker. I still loved to sing and receive a gift from my Aunt a WOW MAGIC SING unit. I used to remember those huge Karaoke machine in Yupangco YAMAHA in Buendia Avenue that we bought two decades ago, nowadays Karaoke has gone far and wide.

Do you still remember those cassette tapes called minus-one? What about the selection button? But by fair trade it was a revolution when it comes to technology. I still remember it with a two system microphone with a balance, treble and base nobs and Oh What about the automated selection of songs, remember it by just pushing the PLAY fastforward and selector button with the LED number to stop on what number song would you like--those were the days but today this era micro processors your just a push away to select your favorite songs but sadly to say I can't find any photos of the minus-one karaoke on the world wide web, a Filipino ingenuity sold to some giant conglomerate corporation, so sad Life sucks.

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