Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My 94 year old ailing Lola has been so grateful beyond words for the release of her PVAO benefits two(2) weeks ago, and more to my bitter sweet revenge, when my Lola gave some consuelo de bobo to her sons and daughters, who despises PGMA since my President took Office. I pity these people who later on eat their own words, so next time my relatives says anything less about my President, they'll think twice before saying anything else again. I only wish that huminto na rin ang pangangak at pagsulpotan ng mga jafake na veterans parang silang mga kabote kong magsulpotan. Please protect our true veterans, jail the fake ones because lets not be naive PVAO can't handle these syndicates by themselves they need the public support. Let's start by caring, to those sons of fallen heroes start voicing out "enough is enough". My grandfather survive the grueling death march but died four(4) days before the liberation, hahayaan pa ba natin itong mga spineless cowards na maki sawsaw, yeah sure get real...meron ba naman veterano hindi naka register before and during the war, you've got to be kidding. To the syndicates, you know who you are, the long arm of the law never sleeps, you will be caught sooner or later, one way or the other. So you see people stop beckering and start lending a hand, o baka naman yan lang kaya mo>>>ang sumatsat ng sumatsat. Sana magkaroon ng goberyno ng SATSAT DEPARTMENT or SATSAT AFFAIRS. Before I go, thank you Madam President, Please run again for office>> you can always count on my vote. PPP


gabriela said...

I am happy that your Lola received her backpay already. Though she is 94 years old now, she was able to experience the joy when she got hold of her long-awaited benefit.

But please bear in mind that it was the tax-payers money that was used to pay your lola's lumpsum, not PGMA's money. Therefore, you do not owe her any debt of gratitude.

Please be informed that your Lola should be receiving another typr of pension that is, the total administrative disability pension. this has been enacted since 1994 but our congress fail to appropriate any amount for its implementation kaya malaki na utang ng gobyerno sa ating mga beterano. P23Billion na!

Despite PGMA's promise to fasttrach the payment of TADP in her Araw ng Kagitingan speech on April 9, 2001, MalacaƱang always deletes the budget proposal of TADP from the budget proposal of PVAO. Hayop sa kaplastikan. Mabait pag kaharap ang mga beterano pero traydor na tao.

Please do not be selfish in urging her to run for reelection. she might just heed you by advancing Chaha to perpetuate her evil reign.

she and her allies in malacaƱang and congress are leeches sucking out our people's blood and won't be content until they suck the life out of our nation.

Tito Pat said...

Thanks for the feed back, in spite of the fact that I strongly disagree with you, Thanks for caring and making me smile for a day.

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