Monday, September 8, 2008


I miss the days when I used to pray everyday, countless nights of praying the rosary I haven't gave much attention as to what my Mother is grieving, pierced your heart with countless sins I have done without any regret repeatedly done without sorrow or compassion this sin has corrupted my heart and men of hearts, needless to say I am ashamed for I have lost thee in my innocence blatant was rob me of it, but don't be sad MAMA, just give a little time to find myself and I promise I will be coming home soon, for this I can't say when or how but this I certainly know your always here to point me back. Maybe it's because I think like a man and not like a child that always follows their moms, perhaps I will be your son again as soon as I think with my heart rather than a man that thinks with his head. I love you MAMA. PPP

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