Monday, September 22, 2008


A few days ago I tried everything from Yahoo Site Explorer to OpenID, and keep me wondering, as to why my topics in my personal blogs haven't been posted in the Yahoo Search Engines, I tried logging into forums and chats sites, but no one seems to have a clear answers as to how exactly to resolve my bug, that keep me all night to fix. Some answers were unresolved ownership, some say link issues and multiple site posting or violation of terms and conditions and the last one is submitting URLs properly and some said, claiming to be all in a corporate battle between two giants. Not believing outright to what I have read in the Internet, I decided to write an e-mail to the Yahoo administration and ask them personally, of course common courtesy is to reply within 24 hours, after reading my e-mail, it became clear to me satisfactorily, issues were explained in exact detail, thus ending my worries about my bug that wasn't there to begin with in the first place. I am not a Information Technology Graduate like most of the bloggers probably are, some advice concerning the Internet are either incomplete or mere gibberish in their topics, luckily I am an analysis and use my Professional training in understanding HTML and got the knack in programming myself without formal study, I mean how hard is it to understand English translated into computer programming, the only thing you need is COMMON SENSE. I mean I've seen some people in my college days who had some common sense in programming and got the upper hand with their respective profession but really you need to have common sense to bring order as to what it seems to be chaos inside Cyber space, because as to some who didn't make it from this point and on, end up becoming losers themselves. PPP

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