Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Our home as a residential area, consumes monthly of more or less than of 700kw, so we are paying roughly about P13,000, but now we have manage to lower our electric bills, but the fact is we are paying a huge amount of our bill due to the system called power loss. Exactly what is power loss? Power loss, are system losses that are being paid by honest consumers whom illicit consumer that steals by putting up what is called a JUMPER, a device so devious speaks it's dastardly deeds and the fact the honest consumers are the ones who suffers. Without any due process we are being billed by Meralco by their poor vigilance and incompetence of their department. The problem started when the Philippine Government sold most of it's shares to the public, now they say they welcome an audit that will set the records straight but for a limited and partial audit, what a crap. I think a full audit of records can only satisfy our clamour for solvency, these greedy corporation have strung their last straw, that's why we have limited our electrical use as a boycott, I think you as a honest consumer should boycott at least few hours a day not to use any electrical appliance as a nation wide boycott, to show them that we are fed up with their excuses and lies. What about delivery charges, what the hell? delivery my ass! as a public utility these charges are not so pose to be applicable where public opinion and debate are more valuable, truly the Energy Regulatory Board has no longer the will to do it's job, but rather became the puppet of these giant corporations, it should be dismantled. I only wish the leaders of civic groups rally in front of the houses of these private owners of these power plant. Para na sila ang makaramdam ng helplessness. If Meralco imposes it's hike I will go back to more alternative use of light, take for instance Coleman, the use of television off na mag chachaga na lang ako ng battery powered radio. No more use of refrigerators we can just buy our daily meat and fish at the market. If things gets worst, then maybe....... PPP

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