Saturday, September 27, 2008


In the past few weeks, blogger had been bug by blogger around the world to rectify the matter of ERROR reports, that has left me wondering for the past few weeks. I really thought it was just my old bug down computer who was the culprit, but really, did you know these things when old, just can't keep up, so moving on with my problems, it was the editing, things were kept coming back even though I had already re-edited and spelling check the entire article but finally everything seems to be much better, it must have been an excruciating debugging for the programmers of BLOGGER.COM to finally nail that glitch. I really appreciate it that I can blog my free time away without any problem, as I am typing away these heart felt warm thanks I hope it would be the last, I mean I can't afford paying up WEB HOSTING for Php75.00 a month, gosh! what did you think? Of course I'm cheap. I don't really care if others tell me for instance-- "If I'd want my blogs to be famous or get rich by clicking away by your computer buddies so that AdSense can pay you more than usual", then sorry guys I don't resort to that kind of trickery, how do you lived with yourself-- "KAPAL", because what didn't know that there are groups here that resort to that kind of scheme. Funny huh?! What's next for us? Maybe this guys already invented a program to have free web hosting of their own by hooking up their illegal connections-- those thieves! Because some time ago when I was eating in a fast food restaurant I've over heard group of guys stealing centavos in a credit card company that according to it amounting to 1.6 Million Pesos, Thank God I don't have any major credit card at all, thank God that I'm cheap. Anyway guys if they can do that, what more than having your own WEB HOSTING ILLEGALLY, so if somebody boasted about these thing just say it "MAGNANAKAW!" or in English "STOLED IT?!". I'm ashamed of myself sometimes coming across of these people when they are so intelligent, smart, witty, and rich that does these criminal acts just for the fun of adrenaline rush, and please don't tell me "how can it be possible for a rich guy to resort to stealing?", well sorry to say assholes these things do happen here in my country just like what happened back then a group of rich BANK ROBBERS finally apprehend many years back. So much of that for today I'll write that down to another topic about criminal behaviours here in my country so that foreigners won't be victimize when they come here in the Jungle Islands. Joke! PPP

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