Sunday, September 14, 2008


What can I say it's an original nothing else like it, I remember how safe to ride on a jeepney without being rob at or being shot at, what ever did happened? Now it doesn't mean that it was all too candid about it, I guess jeepney or not things do happens for a reason, When I was in grade school, riding a jeepney was fun, you can just feel the wind gushing out thru your face not to mentioned the pollution that creates it, I mean you can never know how much dirt you can face by riding on it, did you ever cleaned your nose after it, "mas ma-itim pa sa uling ang booger mo" it's like you can mine your nose with coal in it, another thing is that you just came from a bath and hey you had to commute and as soon as you get off, OMG! you just felt like you've been to Iraq and back. I know, I know, it's sucks and what about my personal experience I just had, when I went out for lunch and as soon as I got off the ride my cellphone was picked pocketed, now how frustrating is that, not to mention the emotional stress. let's not forget how old this contraptions are, you know, you can almost smell the rust recking from it's walls, I mean it's so unsafe the rustiness of the jeepney seems to invite countless accidents that when you see one in action it's like paper crumpled all together, how can you even survive in that? Needless to say because of few investors in transportation I guess it's the main reason why the LTO has continued to let these bulok na jeepneys on the street, but, is that an excuse to put the public safety at risk? Why I'm I even wasting my time to write this? God only knows, then probably when the time comes when new jeepneys are on the streets again then probably less criminal elements will be entice to take the jeep, as you know what they say "a dirty room tells only one thing, occupants have dirty thoughts too" so no matter how you see on the Internet it looks altogether nice but not until you see it in person. Until then I'm wearing my protective gear. PPP

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