Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Last night was the initial lunching of the pilot show sa GMA-7 nakakatuwa kasi I was an avid watcher of the first Survivor that won, some became actors themselves in Hollywood, others became T.V. commercial models. But one thing I've noticed, it was done on Devil Island, Thailand. If you did watch an interview made by Ms. Solis to Mr. Bediones, I was a bit disappointed for it wasn't done here. The organizers could have Insisted outright here and then, that it should have done here (Philippines) no matter what the rules are, Rules or Policies are made to be change or broken to fit the demand of the Public, "mahina yong collaborator or negociator niyo" It's a waste we couldn't have the opportunity to promote it with the right justification of how much more our country has to Offer, marami pa kayang puti that had never heard of Pinas in chat rooms I've been or if they ever did it wasn't in a place we wanted to promote ourselves in. Going back to the show I was excited by just watching it, but to my surprise, what they had to endure was immediate hardships, the only bummer was when Paolo started to separate them from two categories, Male and Female, that part was totally a mismatch, but knowing them how they operate, they will soon have mix-genders in the team, one chatter once said, why where there no one from the gay community who had been picked? I replied "Can you be ever be so sure about that?". Anyway, I'm looking forward for a little bit of Island romance from the castaways. All I know, my bet is on the women, to be the first winner of Survivor Philippines, I mean did you ever saw how Lola Zita came in second place after in a grueling swim to the shores of Devil's Island, I think she is among the one of Filipina embodiment. I'm proud of her, even though I don't know her personally. In my personal opinion it's too early to say to have my own favorites, because all of them are jacked up, and had not went through the process of deprivation of nourishment and moral support, but have to wait from a week or two to begin noticing the effects cost by their fellow teammates and the environment. But the overall of the show was fantastic, Kawawa naman sila natulog nang naka rain coat lang habang umu-ulan, nice one GMA, to add more dramatic effect, more power! PPP

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