Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Nursing Schools went on like wild fire, who can blame them it's cashing in the gold rush as so to speak, but the question is, quality education?, quality training? Now a days, regulating migrant nurses to have at least one(1) year or six(6) months experience pre-requisite, and despite the announcement made by the Department of Education, still parents are pushing their kids to take up nursing and who can forget the 60's year old nursing graduate and mind you passed the board exams>>> NAKAKATAKOT . Some are taking advantage to our bewildered nursing students to pay for work experience or they called it donation>>> donation daw noh?! Wow, I hope it won't spread to other sectors of society, oh wait! they called it seminars nga pala. The promise of greener pastures is the key driving force, who can blame our less patriotic nurses, the wages offered abroad is enticing, take The United States for instance the Department of Labor minimum wages are from $5.15 to $8.25 per hour respectively but mind you these rates do not apply to our nurses, their rates ranges from $16 to $43 per hour compared to $20 sa supermarket employee, sa tingin nyo mas mataas ba sweldo ng call center agent sa Canada starting wages at $2,800 per week? Laway lang puhunan mo nun ha, mahirap din yon talak ng talak sa madaling araw I mean from day to day work. While here I read a few months ago starting wages of nurses from Php16,000 plus, just about the tax you pay in the United States. How do you know if your pinoy nurses are well experience? The United States passed a law that inexperience nurses are mandatory to co-sign all the medications being administered for their patients confined. If you ask me a clear case of discrimination, if doctors can make mistake with their diagnosis how much more our nurses, and what about the policies by hospitals in America "Don't tell your mistakes" the only way you'll learn is if you know about it, kaya nga kayo binigyan ng license is for you to take accountability and not to make your wallets look prettier. PPP

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