Sunday, September 21, 2008


In 46 days, who do you think will win? They say you can't be sure until the fat lady sings, but according to your polls you have voted more republican presidents rather than democratic ones, most of the time a clear sign of continued office under the same party, so if a republican sits at the oval office then it's a strong indication of another republican is about to be voted into office, unless if the pass administration had fucked up, so it would be a case of pure party member votes and some anonymous or neutral voters like few who had no party affiliations at all. You know already who is voting your candidate but the tricky part is, are the ones who are silent, that's where probably you need to put your attentions too, Unless the Democrats or republicans don't put their acts altogether they will witness a LANDSLIDE VICTORY, meaning the losing party didn't do their homework, or what they thought they had done is actually they had done nothing. So you can be sure for the campaign managers to be out of the job. Last 2004 your registered voters is way up to 9 Million, correct me if I'm wrong. Both Candidates have the best of platforms what really matters is that. it's all depends on the voters beliefs or creed. PPP

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