Wednesday, September 17, 2008


If our Senators won't stop bickering anytime soon, I hope the C-5 extension project from Sucat could begin finishing the construction, since it would be a waste of time if things gets hampered, like what's happening right now, I mean let this beautiful project be used by the public, then you can continue quarrelling among yourselves, it's as easy as pie. I know it's funny to watch you on national television to put yourselves in a awkward situation, but believe me when I say, you've wished you shouldn't have said it in the first place, I think it's time to have more senator seated, in my opinion your space seems to be cooked up inside to begin with, ang sikip na kasi ng senate natin I really do think so. I also want to see new faces and younger ones, so then, next senatorial elections you can count on that, and one more thing I think it's time to take out your privilege speeches, why? because you are too emotional gawin niyo na lang pag coffee break ninyo, to ease yourselves with too much burden, kong may kasalanan mag file na lang sa courte tapos ang laban, hindi po ba? Hindi na po kasi kami basta basta naniniwala sa mga sinusumbong ninyo, we want to hear it from the courts, who's fault is it? If you'd ask me your privilege speech backed fired on you, it's not who is it your talking about, but what were seeing is you, or at least what has become of you. So we are begging you, let the project run it's course asap anyway it's on governments property.

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