Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Now a days Hotcakes do sells out really hot these days in Public schools, this type of snacks has a twist of margarine and a dash of sugar, come to think of it it's just a simple dish to do but a fast seller to kids. The first initial investment was one hundred twenty three(123pcs) hotcakes and two hundred six(206pcs) cheese sticks and all were sold before the school closed, these days where public school students that can only afford only at P3.00 per piece for hotcakes and P1.00 per piece for the cheese sticks, reasonable for growing kids. As the Department of Education have impose a ruling on total ban on junk food these is much a alternative but healthy way to feed you kids especially on the lower class citizen of our country, I think that even private schools should follow such examples not only for the betterment of their kids health but could help our countrymen who are young entrepreneurs investing in small business. As you well know the prices of flour had gone up at nine hundred pesos per cavan (P900.00), sugar is forty pesos(P40.00) per kilo and so forth and so on. In an age where the market has randomly changing in the sense of taste for Filipinos who can easily loose interest on one variety, one should always be one step ahead, but surprisingly Filipinos have a knack for ingenuity in their blood to strive for the better. Besides Filipinos are great in handling Business, as to the big conglomerateand well organize business this one has my vote>>>small amount of investment in a huge amount of return. So sometimes some notions are false, don't be such a butt head have faith on yourself. PP

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