Monday, September 22, 2008


Although I'm not a fashionista like most of you guys do, I love to watch Project Runway, I guess when your poor like me and couldn't afford to buy expensive things like only few people can do, then I guess dreaming about it wearing won't cost me a dime or two and don't tell me about alternatives and cheaper fashion accessories you can purchase, I don't want to be a fashion victim like most people are. I mean let's face it, in Philippine society people are so vain when it comes to fashion and composure, it's more important to us of what you're wearing rather than saving up, because nobody really cares until a mishap hits you unexpectedly and you realize your life is in turmoil, just because your suddenly out of your fucking job, I mean "nagka-kuba kuba kna sa kaka porma mo basta meron ka lang hip na maisuot" and I know a lot people who are just like that but then again if you don't go with the flow or your an extrovert then you don't want to hear people whispering about you being "NAKAKATAKOT" most rude ad lib you ever heared of. There are people in this country that I think they had formal education of Bachelor of Science Majoring in RUDENESS. A lot of famous artist in general who were considered as NAKAKATAKOT back then and now their creations are Worth Millions of Dollars, so I hope who ever wins Project Runways Philippines will be NAKAKATAKOT as one famous designer had put it. So let me put it this way, the sooner the better things gets out of style the next generation will always have the last say on fashion -- 'MUKHA KANG JOLOGS" . PPP

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