Saturday, September 20, 2008


Really, tonight if she had never spoken ill at all, and stayed her loud mouth shut, then probably she would have stayed a little bit longer, but no She had to open her big fucking mouth, If things would have happened then it would have been JC, who had been voted out, somehow I didn't made to account with what happened with the merger of the team, thus making a riff that totally change each and everyone state of mind. but as I have told you before, I was expecting a little bit of devil's Island romance which happened just on the third day of the show, just as I've pridicted it. The only funny thing is that when Paolo asked JC, what hapened last time with their team, the irony of it was his response >>> He lied on national television, everybody was watching, he made himself a total jackass. Sometimes, moments like this it would have been better if you would watch it with members of your family, because it's educational for us, like, can you imagine how hard is it to lit a fire and just like I'd said they should have taken KIKO's hair because it appeared to be more flam able than the wood shaving, and what about when they prepared and the rice, how exactly are they planning to cook it, is it edible? by just placing it under the sand or something. meanwhile everybody else was doing their part, when the two love birds seems to be having fun, it's like they're in the movie called "BLUE LAGOON", remember?, that one with BROOKE SHIELDS AND WILLY AMES? I won't be surprises when the cloak of night those two can't be found, then the movie wouldn't be called BLUE LAGOONS anymore but instead WILD COCONUT. And then probably Poalo would stop talking about Ghost stories or shape shifters or what ever they call it, mas natakot pa sila sa multo que sa crocks that are there, I remembered what my KANO uncle used to say "You better stop believing on that shit" those were his exact words. Anyway, I hope to have more smooching between the BLUE LAGOON STARS. but then again guys, if the entire crew of the show keeps on sticking with those two like leeches then probably things won't get feisty, so my advice is have it with just one (1) camera man to take the shots. The popular votes indicates that just as the same with the pass castaways always voting out who is more repulsive than usual. Then again, I still know that in the end the first Philippine Survivor will be a woman. I stand by my word and you can't convince me otherwise. PPP

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