Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I Think Aries Lagat is withholding back, I think he's about to let loose his fantastic designs in the finals, I can see in him the look of deception in a good way, I mean he looks like, when his on the bench being criticize I can almost read his thoughts saying "KUNG ALAM MO LANG ANG MGA NAKAHANDA KO DESIGNS" Creepy huh?!. We all know that fabulous designers who became famous came from the oddest of places and besides he's approachable good for client designer rapport and good for business as well, winner of MEGA YDC (Young designers Competition) meaning it represents the taste of filipino market, won three(3) entries already compared with the others, not asphyxiated to one specific target market, kasi let's face it nobody wants to wear wedding gowns all the time or wear something international where in napakainit dito sa Pilipinas, Imagine the sweaty armpits in that. I think he is ready for the Maestro to claim the center stage, hinog na sa puno. I hope in the finals of Project Runway Philippines won't be decided by mere text votes because it's a waste of time and could be influential at the same time. Let the Judges decide who wins, I mean your the experts, who ever you choose is fine by me, whether I like it or not. Ikaw Christian sino sa kanila ang NAKAKATAKOT? Joke! PPP

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