Monday, September 22, 2008


Illegal Drugs are so rampant these days where every street corner or neighbor has a teenage drug addict or Anybody who's everybody you know or at least whom you thought you know well is a raving lunatic, but these Menace to society has not only affected the lives of your teenagers but the entire community as well. So here are the list of signs to watch out for, if your kids are acting up like this. If you'd pick at least three(3) signs then you have a lot to worry about;
1. Does he/she have very dry skin?
2. Does he/she lost weight so abruptly in a time frame of two(2) consecutive weeks?
3. Does he/she have beady eyes that weren't there before? (Except Deformity)
4. Does he/she keeps on wetting their LIPS?
5. Does he/she keeps grinding their teeth for no apparent reason?
6. Does he/she always excuses themselves when eating?
7. Does he/she often times begins to smell like a PIG? (Total lost for bodily hygiene)
8. Does he/she starts to steal?
9. Does he/she was caught hiding TIN FOIL in between their books?
10. Does he/she does not come home from three(3) days to a week or maximum of three(3) weeks without saying or lied about it?
Pray your not too late, tell someone and then asked for professional help or better yet have him/her COMMITED TO JAIL because from this point on it will only gets worst. PPP

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