Tuesday, September 9, 2008


What happened to my rights? I was denied to speak out what is happening, what I feel is right, no matter what others may not agree with me that is your right, but when a public speaker is withheld the right to speak and voice out inside cyberspace therefore my right for freedom is violated. If the basis for freedom is the color of your skin then we need to remind these people that there are many ways to skin a cat. Violation to such freedom due to company policies have made cyberspace to be tied up for legal purposes but if legal inquisition are restraining the true sense of freedom of speech then how can we tell others if they are doing it without any provocation. If lawyers would make things complicated to restrict ones freedom whether they maybe in print or media then to hell with the Justice System because when Justice starts becoming bias to it's true beliefs for equality then no one is safe nor in the right mind to speak out from their hearts for the fear of restitution. Pity are they who are ignorant of the law for ignorance excuses no one. I pity the common man who didn't had the chance the right to educate himself. I pity him that is being taken advantage for he had nothing left nor his pride to boast and when these happens Cyberspace is where faceless and worthless people meet to savour what they could muster what little freedom. PPP

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