Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I guess there are some things in life that is such a bummer no matter how old you are, I can't blame my mom if she wants to die, but why is it when there is a brownout she complains of suffocating to death and what matters to her most is the flashlight..."god damn it! Where's the flashlight" she says, no, really its not a joke. Sometimes when she tells me of dying you can see me starting to become teary because I could not imagine to be separated with her forever, I know it's so mellow dramatic, what can I say, were Filipinos. When you have a little money to spare, I guess you can't say they won't ask for a little more grace than as usual, but when is enough is enough if every week your sibling ask for huge sums of money that sometimes you wonder "kong mamatay ka na lang bang pulubi", you see to make matters straight my mom gave some consuelo de bobo to her kids and apos and of course with any common sense at all that is enough, meaning, you had your fill, down already dog. Where is the kahihiyan noon I mean you have a face as kapal ng Espaltong kalye and so to speak. Man, You just had your pension from becoming a retiree and you forget or least that's what you said, and guess what guys, "NOT A SINGLE DIME". Hey! what kind of a child is he? You squander all your alimony since you where a teenager, had the party of your life god knows what, you had mga anak sa labas from left to right from Apari to Julu and your breathing down my moms neck, and you have the
nerve to pester a old woman, man that's cold. Sometime I wish I was never related to you, it's funny sometimes that you can please you drinking buddies with your talents, who clearly had a bad influence on you, for you have total disregard for respect, kaya ka minamalas tulad ng lahar rained down on you, that your family barely escape because you where here in manila having a good time, then your small business was rob. I know my readers might be shocked, but hey this things do happen in life but I hope your family is much better than mine or at least one can relate to me as to what I'm saying. So what I did was, I called up my Aunt and told her everything. Until next time, future post about my family from day to day life will be featured here. Thanks guys for reading. PPP

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