Saturday, September 27, 2008


When coming to my country, kindly remember this few simple tips to protect yourself;
1. Always bring your pepper spray.
2. Don't wear any GOLD JEWELRY or expensive WATCHES.
3. Don't bring huge amount of cash.
4. Don't talk to strangers, ask the POLICE if you need assistance.
5. Don't leave your valuables inside your hotel room. Open up a safe deposit box.
6. Don't buy properties without checking with your lawyers-- because an example of this is when a Korean nationality bought a property in SUBIC BAY only to find out what he bought was at the center of the sea, or a JAPANESE nationality who bought the MAYON VOLCANO, remember what we have learn in College-- OBLIGATIONS AND CONTRACTS.
7. Don't drive while using your cellphone.
8. Report to the POLICE about suspicious men, most specially the ones who's riding on a motorbike because now a days these are the type of vehicle preferred by KIDNAPPERS and ARMED ROBBERS.
9. Stay away on dark street alley.
10. Don't be obvious when shopping.
11. Always stay near with your tourist guide.
13. When taking a JEEPNEY, sit beside at the drivers seat. Remember when someone is pocking you with an envelop he is probably a pick pocket. Don't be seated with those guys they are ARMED and ready to shot you like what happened to my neighbor who died.
14. If the robbers declared a HOLD-UP just give your things up, remember your life is more important.
15. Don't leave your things unattended, specially what your drinking they might slip a sleeping pill into your concoction.
16. Never buy GOLD BARS, even to people who you trust, because a lot of foreigners have been victimize by it.

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