Monday, September 29, 2008


Oh bo who hoho! I really thought I was on a drama series, where those tears I see or just eye drops of Eye Mo! Please, your the one who's so excited to try on your tactics that seems to me in my opinion backfired. Anyway goodbye to you who relentlessly keeps on swearing during each challenge, I mean are you so dense?! I hope NAAK can win tonight and stay focus on the game, and may I say GO GO GO Lola Zita, not that I'm praying for you to win, I mean don't get me wrong but all of your tribe mates are determine to win and don't tell us you are more focus and determine just because you are poor and your used to hardships in life. When you said that last week it blew me off whether your still one of my favorites or just totally lost interest in your beliefs. I hope JARAKAY makes a mistake so that one of their tribemates can go home, I just want to see the defeat on their faces for the first time, I hope that some of the JARAKAY TRIBEMATES will be infuse with NAAK to balance the odds, it's just a suggestion. Anyway goodluck to all have fun. But really, if you were to ask me who should be the Survivor Philippine title goes to? OF COURSE, no other else but Madam--I mean she really deserves it, survive the angry MOB of filipinos, survive countless LAWSUITS, survive CARDINAL SIN, may his soul rest in peace, and practically survive almost everybody, BEING THE MOTHER OF ALL MOTHERS-- SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES FIRST ORIGINAL CASTAWAY. Madam when will you start again in beautification of this fair land that used to caress your Motherly attention, Ang pangit na ng Pinas. Help us please--PPP

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