Wednesday, October 1, 2008


No wonder countries like CHINA, KOREA, TAIWAN, AUSTRALIA preferred our country when it comes to mining because we are rich in resources. Since these countries have depleted their own natural resources it's time for us to step into the industrial age but sad to say our countrymen are being cheated out what really the true value of the cargo. I know for a fact that the today's market prices are not fair and most of our countrymen are ignorant of the real prices set by the International community or simply what is called LME. Some Mining company are up to date of these prices but they kept this Information for themselves to cheapen the mining industry, let me give you a sample, if Korean can buy COPPER at $USD125.00 high or as low as $USD50.00 at 37% grade depending on the contract, then what do you think prices in the International Market of precious Ores are sold, guess? $USDx,xxx.xx? exactly! and that's only one(1) Mineral Ore, what about the rest like Lead, Manganese, Palladium, etc. If you don't believe me please check the LME prices in the International Market, so imagine the profits of CHINA, KOREA AND TAIWAN are getting, from Zambales, Iloilo down south of Zamboanga, Davao. I only wish that our countrymen gets the proper equipment when it comes to mining and transhipment of these Ores because they are highly poisonous, I don't mind if they are paying our laborers at Php2,000 per container van uploading and Php1,800 downloading the cargos but my worries are the lack of mask and uniforms to protect our laborers. What about the payment of trucking for our Filipino companies charging trucking cost from Php114,000.00 from Iloilo to Manila port for 21 containers, for Zamboanga port trucking cost Php125,000.00 FOB not bad for the trucking industry here in the Philippines and I hope the truckers themselves should have a raise from Php15,000.00 to at least Php25,000.00 per month base salary still not bad for the part of the employer-- Ops! I forgot they shouldn't know abouth these dealings. Why is it I'm telling all this, I think it's time, for the employers to pay up the laborers their dues. ANG LAGAY BA KAYO LANG YAYAMAN?! What about my fellow countrymen that have died whether in sickness or accidents what about them? I mean they are starting to drop dead like flies, I mean Australian Company should have paid their Mappers their just dues I think Php18,000.00 is not justified salary for them It should have been Php50,o00.00 per month I mean they could blow themselves up until kingdom comes, exactly what can you buy for Php18,000.00 for a family guy? Parang bang kalabaw nanaman tayong mga pinoy magtrabaho sa sariling bansa? These things happens because we let them, now you know already and start waking up, remember they need us more than we need them. Let us act now they are mining so fast and so huge that our MEDIA MEN although ever so vigilant are occupied with so many things but then again this is a story that you'll get yourself killed for, are you up for the job? But then again nobody really wants to talk that even the media is kept on the dark or maybe they already knew, bakit ayaw nila magsalita? AND PLEASE DON'T TELL ME I KNOW NOTHING I USED TO BE OPERATIONS MANAGER IN A MINING COMPANY! Please don't tell me either that foreigners can't operate here because the Constitution forbids them-- Corporation under alias is one way, or RSS retiree in which our country are encouraging, and I guess you don't know that either?! Do you?!. Until next time I will tell you how can you earn up to Php2,000,000.00 by just blinking-- PPP

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