Tuesday, October 7, 2008


And it started before it begun

It started with an embargo

Black Gold that the World just couldn't live without

But the world was just too greedy

It didn't came from one Nation alone

Or from one Anti-Christ that everybody was expecting

But it came from a League of Nations

That had been corrupted by money and power

Nobody saw it coming it just ate the fabric of Humanity

Nations fell one at the time because of it's dependent

Nations where push back

Stone age and live in chaos

The World of many Nations

Started it's naive plan to enslave Men

For they feel they are now the new Masters of this World

But Man fought back

Using all of his knowledge of technology

The same things he gave up

What little time was left seems to be endless

Until to the very last moment

It ignited straight up and when it came down

It was silent like any ordinary day

But it wasn't just any ordinary day

For it was the time when Mankind ended

Out of greed for the Black Gold

So whatever happens next is up to us

For the means of destroying ourselves

Made ready

It's only a matter of time a luxury we don't have


Is it?

Poem by: PPP

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