Wednesday, October 8, 2008


At last may pang tapat na kay Pokwang, I mean gusto ko mga birada ni Pokwang on television, her funny remarks and all, but what impress me more is that she had come from a long way, little by little she had made her dreams come true for her family, I mean for me she is the CAROL BURNETT of the Philippines, during the Marcos Era we used to have television show of Mrs. Burnett that made me laugh, kasi noong bata pa ako mahilig na ako talaga sa comedy. I only hope someday both Pokwang and Patani would be able to make a movie or a funny TV spoof, because the truth is women are more funnier than men and they can get away with it, meaning not too offensive when they deliver their lines. I know Patani will have a lot of things to prove to the public what she is really capable of but only time will tell let's wait and see, Patani, 20 years old, Jervey Dano by her real name is from Camotes Isalnd, Cebu a beautiful place to spend your summers. While Pokwang, Marietta Subong by her real name had made 24 projects in her respective field and won the PMPC Best Comedy Actress and PCA Best in Female Comedian Awards, a mother of two kids, correct me po if I'm wrong, raising these kids could have been the most fruitful years of her life as a private citizen within no doubt is where she draws her strengths in becoming a fabulous star of ABS-CBN Star Magic, Magic in way that she had to make us all happy and laughing. I hope she stays her foot on the ground and never change. More power to you girl-- PPP

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