Wednesday, October 8, 2008


As early as 1960's my dad told me that RECTO AVENUE had already been producing forged college diplomas, as to a street smart most of these people take the easy way out, a lot of whom I knew had their credentials forged, from college I.D. to diplomas both secondary and Tertiary degree. But although the temptation was irresistible I had my pride and took it the hard way, most humble beginning of a new college graduate are hard and small, but it can never be surpassed by the dignity and rewards knowing that we had the decency and ethics that we carry, from God the undying protection of his infinite mercy. But then again the saying goes "God protects the dumb" do criminals falls in that category? When you see how the crooked had bent and twisted the faiths to favor to his biding, where do the just man stands? When it comes to common decency and ethics, then it is our duty to report the crime fits to it's punishment. When you have done everything in your power to stop this twisted and wicked way and still repeats again without justice serve, then what's the next best thing to do? Do we form a vigilante and quietly take the law into our own hands? That we tainted ourselves no better than they are? As I see these people who have taken the easy way out and have alleviated their lives in cheating, should it be the fruits of hardship of education must be handed down as just reward from our own perseverance?! And if for any reason the persevered ones have failed, where do Justice bestowed it's grace? To the cheaters of the piece of paper of which I called CANGEE UNIVERSITY. Where not even the United States have the time to check their credentials of these migrates had let this unlawful people become their second class citizens, taking the jobs away from professionals in which so pause to be given to the deserving applicant but rather if they had noticed it at all and bothered to check carefully they would have found out that forgery. So do the Elite suffer from the consequences of this twisted and heartless criminals that had taken our placed and rights? In a country (The Philippines) where nobody is bothered, nobody will report the crime, then therefore there is no need for alarm. What we want are permanent solutions and not temporary ones, that seems to be the a reoccurring situation, arrests are made, but the FORGERY keeps coming back like flies, as if when one tries to ward them off with a fly swatter you'll end up being infested again, Eh kong itulad na lang yan sa ginagawa ng isang concerned citizen na bigla na lang niya dinadampot yong mga huligans and never to be seen again, bakit hindi na lang ganun para mabawas bawasan mga hudloms sa mundo. If you where to ask me although what he does is not humane but it's effectiveness is precise, then would you adopt it? Sometimes when I passed thru at this place, I've heard them talking about one of their pals has gone missing and assumed to be dead-- meaning, he have been salvage. For what? Drug pushing. So I hope the right agencies of government would start coming up with long term solutions rather than short term ones-- PPP

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