Thursday, October 9, 2008


A while ago I was sick to my stomach as to who will be the final trio, the challenge begun with a tour of PICC which was later on had a little bit of history as to who and why the structure became famous and surprisingly to the part where they had to visit the mansion of the late Mr. Marcos in the City of Mandaluyong, correct me if I'm wrong--meron pa bang ibang ancestral home dito sa Manila besides Ilocos? Anyway, Madam had to hear from the designers their visions and patterns and was courteous enough to give her comments. As it turned out Mara Reyes has been voted out leaving Veehjay Floresca, Philip Tampus, Aries Lagat to move on to the finals and to be able to show their collections next week. I hope their collections composes of at least 8 pieces para sulit naman ang pag papanood namin. Good luck guys, may the best gay wins-- PPP

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