Thursday, October 2, 2008


These are my personal opinion base on each performance and character from when did Project Runway Philippines begun up to the recent episode. So what ever critic I have is purely base on my personal taste not as a Fashion aficionado but as to a Libra who always wants to be with beauty and perhaps exquisite and with impeccable taste, I really have the knack for beauty when I see one, whether it may be from a pretty face or designer clothes, from houses to gourmet, I always consider one thought, "OF WHETHER I WOULD LOOK RIDICULOUS ON IT", so moving on I have never been so disappointed with last nights episode, I mean if I had to switched from Project Runway to nudity Survivor GABON, I would have might consider it, if only it was on the same times slot that would have endured that humiliating show but rather would have traumatize me for the last few moments of my life, but sadly to say the nudity happened last Saturday's telecast. I mean pinagpalit ko yong Survivor Philippines dimwit over sa inyo and this is how you repay us televiews with crappy designs, HAY NAKU! NAKAKATAKOT TALAGA.

MARA REYES, at the beginning she had always laugh at her own designs, her one client in the competition, clearly a sign of incompetence, she had not only glued once but twice of her designer dresses, PLEASE! "I don't want to wear any of her clothes baka dumikit ako sa pader ng fucking AYALA". As a costume designer pede, like PARTY FAVORS something like that. Ayoko ng designers na sasabihan kang it looks fabulous and then sabay tawa anu yong may sayad? CREEPY HUH?! But as to any consolation at all JOJIE's comedic comments about your style was TIMELESS, he really made me laugh that I almost peed on my shorts last night.

PHILIP TAMPUS, from day one he had base his designs most likely in BACLARAN, trying it in multi colored versions, "I JUST DON'T GET IT" hindi ba madaming muslim sa changee all into retail. He likes beaded works of endless fabrics, impeccable sowing truly a "MANANAHE" but never a designer, he's more a laborer rather than an employer kaya noong pumasok siya sa workshop ni MR. LAUREL he was so shocked. A clear indication that he doesn't gets out that much, and we all knew behind the story that goes with that part of the world. What about that comment about our abacca being so new to them, heller?! Didn't Calvin Klien had already used our abacca for their pants. Huli kana sa balita Philip matagal ng sikat ang abacca sa buong mundo. Although your a serious MANANAHE and approachable, ang felling ko if ever I'd come to you para lang mag pa repair and that's it.

VEEHJAY FLORESCA, my first impression "AN IMITATOR" knowing that copy cat is a form of flattery to others but not to me it isn't, "IT'S NOT FUCKING HIP". Although you had come from the land of big nose and bad teeth to be enable to enrich you inspiration as a designer, you had my attention, I mean my Granny loves duster but if you can turn a duster into a designer dress then by all means my Granny will buy one every month. No kidding She loves designer clothes, specially your in her right size payat na kasi siya. I don't really like European styles parang kasi naaamoy ko yong mga MONTH BALLS and besides they like bright colors, masakit sa mata. It's a good thing you didn't have that multi colored hair that those PUNK kids like so much about and if you ever did tried it you've probably realize it pag tatawanan ka dito pag balik mo so you had to dye your hair back to it's original. I had my suspicions on you co'z you had so much dead hair to begin with it's starting to look like a taupe.

ARIES LAGAT, what can I say, your becoming sloppy, it's not the time to be lax in your designs, not now specially now is everything is in your reach. Your design last night was not an original I've seen that design before I can't put my finger on it but anyway it's a crap. You have recreated an exquisite fabric into something new but I not too crazy about the pants it looks hideous parang kita ko na ang kaluluwa ko dun. I mean If you wear them you'd probably be concerned if your tampads might pop out all of a sudden in a fancy restaurant or as you walk out of that fancy restaurant somebody might actually slip a dollar or two into those pants as you show your way out-- no really it's a joke but it could happen.

So guys I hope I wont be disappointed again that kept me all night awake, I 'd might have been traumatize by the experience that transpired in the tube these days and I've promise to turn the tube off when ever a depressing show is on, last night for me it came that close. I know the show is already been decided and what we are watching are re-runs and probably the winner is still hiding base on the contract of confidentiality of until the telecast is over then that's the time your allowed to reveal yourself, and you'd probably begun designing your collections to be featured in FASHION WEEK, and base on the promotional video of FASHION WEEK all the clothes their wearing are dark in color and we all know who likes dark colors incorporated in their designs. Ah! I really hope it's not him. SHIT! PPP

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