Friday, October 10, 2008


It's better times ahead, we struck oil in Northern Palawan that will produce 17,000 to 20,000 barrels per day, out of 300,000 barrels daily demands, that would put us at around 6% a clear indication that we are rich in resources, others may say so what?! big deal, but it's really a big challenge for Galoc Production Company (GPC). It only shows that more investments are about to pour in, of course we are assuming that GPC will soon have competitors in offshore Crude Oil drilling, more jobs for Filipinos, and so, just what I've said before it's time for us to become a Industrialize Country for this is the future, What the detractors will do is just delay progress that has denied us for so many years. Why do we have to listen to Environmental Mongers? Just because they are holding the facts, FACTS in scientific context are constantly changing when proof is concerned, in which THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ABSOLUTE SCIENTIFIC FACT and all they have are erroneous computer generated simulations and cartoon depiction of distorted reality, NO HARD DATA RECORDS FROM THE BEGINNINGS TO COMPARE WITH, IT'S JUST A LUCKY GUESS, ICED CUBES COLLECTED THAT WE (Present day Modern Man) WEREN'T THERE TO ACTUALLY WITNESS, OBSERVE AND STUDY IT AS TO WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE, ASSOCIATION ALWAYS LEADS TO MISREPRESENTATION IN ALL ASPECTS, the fact is, our Scientist even admits that they are puzzled as to HOW EVEN FROGS SURVIVES UP UNTIL NOW? The fact is you could be out of your jobs if it weren't for us, who had total disregard for waste management. We have already suffered from abusive waste management made by the first Industrialize countries, in whom in Europe have blotted the sun from too much smog from chimney or from northern Asian when it had it's first smog Olympics because of it's coaling mines, in which they say the cause for global warming--kelan pa kaya yan mangyayari? For all we know this climate change is all but nothing but a prediction. We should have listen to NOSTRADAMUS predictions instead it's more entertaining. For pete's sake kulelat na kami, we already hit rock bottom two decades ago and your not going to ruin this one for us. What's next for us a fully operational Automobile Plant? MABUHAY ANG FILIPINO, ONWARDS TO PROGRESS-- PPP

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