Thursday, October 16, 2008


ATTN: Hey guys let's help this kid out by promoting what happened to him, and to anybody who is a lawyer to help him out, this is serious guys he needs our help, link his blog to let everybody know

(In the summer of March in the year 2000)
I was on duty at your local gas station (SHELL - SUCAT BRANCH, Paranaque City) around twelve noon (12:00nn) when a customer who happens to be a Policeman (Bodyguard of a Mayor) and ask me where could he find a phoneboot but when I told him that we have a office phone he furiously got mad and HE SUDDENLY POINT A GUN AT ME, fearing and shaking any moment that he would kill me all I can do is cry, in so much trauma, high fever and fearing of my life I wasn't able to go to work, My Parents started to notice that as to why I got sick all of a sudden but I could not tell them what really happened for I don't want them to get involve for fearing of endangering their own very lives, weeks had passed I was able to back to work and told my boss (SHELL - SUCAT) and was upset and told me I have to fight for my rights because these things will happen again and again, my boss told me to file a complaint so that a proper legal case of action be taken, but to no avail that months had passed that no legal action was even been done until now. Then all of a sudden that the City of Paranaque had given a bribe the gift of thermos, ano yon pasko? For all I know where it came from the truth to the matter was I was insulted by this act of bribery and in so much anger and was mesmerize that my fucking foot was rolled by a car luckily the owner of the car was a registered doctor who never in his life had to smoke for the first time when the mishap happened that day. The kind doctor took me to hospital and had me taken cared for my fractured foot that was run over by his car twice, I so much shocked that I couldn't move I fell unconscious and found myself in the emergency room, so the worried doctor kept on asking me how old was I and politely told him I'm just eighteen years, anyway the kind doctor paid for the medical bills and paid for my salary good for one month. So every time I can see a Policeman my trauma kick it again. Please help me, What should I do? Should I refile the case again after so many years. Please advice me what to do next? Please help me Gen. Jesus Verzosa.

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