Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Who do we want to become President? Let's face it in this country where in as simple as a catchy slogan phrase can put almost anybody into Office, a song that everybody knows it by heart, it's important to pick the right catching phrase to identify what you stand for. But most of the times these Campaign Managers promote themselves rather than the candidate itself and this is why campaigns becomes a disaster, what we want is to hear from you is how much dirt you can throw at your opponents and we just don't want the usual stuff, but rather the juicy ones, and what about those political paid by and yet slanderous commercials? We want that those as well. Because to me it's boring to hear from a candidate to talk about his Plataforma, while what we really want to enjoy is that to attend to your meeting de avance filled with famous stars because sa totoo lang it's what we really remember "who was the star studded campaign we did enjoyed?" Tita Janel magaling ka diyan, Plataforma is better off put into the flyer's rather than talked about in front of the dimwitted masses, because the truth is these candidates can talk about your boring Plataforma in National TV debates where the DOM of the yester years can all day listens. We want someone who is FRESH FROM THE RACK as so to speak. "We are feed up with the old". We don't want grumpy old men and women in politics as long as you put it as one famous slogan says "it's okey for you to be 40's just as long as you look like 80's"--Joke!, you see?! This is what we want to hear from you or at least what we expect from you. I REALLY HOPE HE RUNS FOR OFFICE (GCT), HE JUST NEEDS TO BE REPACKAGE, because if you can recognize him in these picture then it will be one stimulating elections coming this 2010. YOU CAN BET ON IT. PPP

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