Thursday, October 9, 2008


Our history shows that we had suffer from a Psychological battery through the years and we react to it when ever Public outrage or Personal out cry demands. From name calling we were branded Indios, Stupidos, Mal Educado, Nigas Cugon, Kuwago, Lokaret, Ungoy, Basagulero, Babaero, Kuripot, Chaka, Brenda, Tibo, T-bird, Mary, Bakla, Bading, Baklushi, Buti nga sa iyo, Manong & Manang, Addict, Pusher, Convict, Clepto, etc. We have used it in false pretenses and most of times are not accurate, Ugaling namana daw natin sa mga kastila. But if we quote someone for his rude remarks. Should we start examine ourselves first? Are we Hypocrites? Does anybody has the right? Some say utmost respect is only earned, but coming from a shallow minded moron, does it count? Sad to say these things do happens but as to any consolation to us it starts if we fight back, I remembered my Dad told me what happened when the Beatles had humiliated our First Lady the Public out cry for restitution demands, good for them they had escape with their very own lives and a dozen or two had the nerve to defend these assholes. I really hope that the Filipino community in London don't start a tomato festival at BBC headquarters, I mean that would be a laughing stock. So we should start respecting our fellow men, whether they maybe from the Poor or Rich Sector of Society, Gender Issues or Profession that includes Religion. Will somebody e-mail the video of Beatles concert here at, Thanks!-- PPP
Note: This is their version of what happened.

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