Thursday, October 30, 2008


Oh dear project runway keeps on airing reruns for the last two(2) weeks. Boring-- so last night I watched Survivor Philippines nudity, kita puwet ni ..... haha! ginaya na rin nila Survivor Gabon Nudity. Anyway what ever the reasons as to why Project Runway Philippines keeps on these delays I hope the X-factor won't be decided by mere text votes, I will hate this show if you will make this one a side show like other shows who are manipulated by text votes. I mean if a corporation want my opinion in a form of text survey THEY WILL HAVE TO PAY ME FOR THE SURVEY--ANO AKO BALE AKO PA PAG-GAGASTUSIN NIYO. Bakit ba uto uto yong ibang tao when it comes to text survey? Kaya please stop joining promotional entries that requires you to spend, your making yourself a moron, mukhang kang piso, DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) maling practice ito, you'd better do something about this. Moving on, so far fashion week has kept their lips sealed but I'm not a bit worried because I know my bet is on Aries Lagat who won it all. I know a few loves Philip to win, but think this through, Philip loves to put innovations in a terno where you can put your cellphone into your selves, as we all very know women loves bags and shoes, it won't make any difference kahit na you put a secret pocket where it can accommodate your toothbrush and toothpaste into it--hahaha! How ridiculous is that? Joker talaga ito si Philip. I know women loves bags because my Auntie from New York when she comes home for a vacation she always have 14 balikbayan boxes filled with bags and shoes to give away. Akala ko nga noong una paninda kaya mga kamag-anak ko maloka loka sa kakadampot. Lucky bastards, mag cross dresser na lang kaya ako. Don't forget your bling blings I love my Auntie, she always brings the entire New York into the Philippines and I don't even have to go there. I hope indigenous fashion accessories could have been incorporated into the show kaso malas nga lang, sana may show tungkol sa fashion accessories. That's it--bye! PPP

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