Friday, November 7, 2008


My first Political Analysis of 2008 U.S. Elections came true. Lucky guess? I don't think so, but rather more on an educated guess base on events that took place that would affect American voters. I told my Aunt that things will get better after the elections, her first time to vote I hope she made it count. I was so busy that day I completely forgot to watch the exit polls. Whatever nightmare that seems to be daunting had finally came to an end, a new dawn is coming with this great nation specially on WALL STREET in a couple in months that will shake down the foundation of business for the better, a law that will be passed by congress. Now that Democrats hold most of it's seats, decision on urgency will be swift but as they say "you can't please everybody". Whatever happens in a couple of months I hope America won't be engaging itself in another disappointing WAR. Congratulations again PRESIDENT OBAMA AND VICE-PRESIDENT BIDEN. PPP

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