Saturday, November 8, 2008


Yesterday I was so bored and angry of last nights telecast. I mean here am I had the time to watch the show and they had to abruptly cut out scenes from tribal council--Bitch! Another thing Mr. Man Boobs was so irritating last night that I hate him--Sarap kuritin ang HUMONGOUS UTONG. But not a bad idea to be in a plastic surgery commercial of knockers enhancement...haha! Sana magkamili yong Doctor mailagay sa ulo, kakanis kasi! What about Rob isa pa, benedic Arnold, ngiting hudas pala. JC stop yakidiyak talo mo pang barangay, who cares as to what do you think it's a three(3) Million Pesos game what do you expect all in rainbow colors. Sana si Charisse ang manalo, lay low lang kasi siya not too intimidating. Last night Cris performance was like in the Pieta, pero mukhang GARUTO nga lang. What about Vhern, Tama sila Hindi siya babae, babaeng bakla siya nope Annie batong bakal---joke! Pero dastardly sneaky. PPP

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