Friday, November 21, 2008


The step by step are base on the brand of a particular router. For DSL procedure FYI is more convenient than other service providers. As I walk you through a simple steps to remember so that you won't waste time in dealing with call center agents.

1. Ready your User ID and password of your DSL provider.

2. Connect the necessary cables of your router to you personal computers.

3. Set a base server computer, meaning if you have two(2) PC set one as your server.

4. Power up your broadband router.

5. Open your internet explorer and type your "http" provided by the broadband router i.e. "

6. A login box will appear type in default (Username) "admin" (Password) "1234.

7. Click PPPoE settings type in as well your DSL username password provided by the service provider.

8. Power up your DSL Modem.

Finish and your ready to browse the inernet. Now ain't that simple enough for you to follow and it won't cost you Php500.00 to have it fix. Sorry guys (Technicians) I need to share this your becoming greedy. Now in some cases there are no signals now thats a different topic for you to watch out in my blogs. Remember guys all programs are in English just try to understand between the lines, I'm not a COMSCI grad but a BSBA grad and I get it by just reading it carefully and having a little bit of common sense and oh! By the way if a fellow student try to access a networking connection who know less than you do let him knock himself out (moron) co'z he won't fixing it anytime soon, I just love to laugh at these kids to fail and humiliate themselves, believe me guys just because you come from abroad doesn't mean that you knew more>>> hahaha!

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