Sunday, November 30, 2008


Step 3 (Optional)

This procedure is done when you want to have two(2) drives for the sole purpose of having a space for data storage or back-up for your important files. Most retailers don't do this simply because they want you to spend a bit more rather than just buying your hardware, it's a marketing strategy that every businessman needs to practice. Although transactions may come handy to some, a bitter lesson to some, Why? because most of us find it out too late like for i.e. Your OS had finally failed and incriminating your most important files as well. Here are some simple steps to do;

1. Know how large is your hard drive is? Ranges from 40G, 80G, 120G 180G and so forth and so on.

2. Have your start up disk or DOS ready.

3. Make sure that you haven't uploaded you Operating System yet like for i.e. Window, Linux, Mac, IBM, Unix.

4. Place your start up diskette in your disk drive and restart your personal computer.

5. Wait until it prompt you into drive A:/ .

6. Type in "fdisk".

7. It will ask you to to pick 4 choices, click partitioning your new hard drive. Activate after partitioned.

8. It will ask you about how large you wanted your hard drive to be partitioned, mentioning your hard drive data space being highlighted.

9. Change the specified number data, if your have a 40G then slice it to from 30G and 10G so forth and so on.

10. Then ENTER. It usually takes about five(5) minutes or more depending on how fast is your processor.

Note: Remember ask your retailers about your software on how much hard disk space does one need because a lot of these software needs to have at least 40G of hard disk space. If you don't have a start up diskette just use your disk utility software which is provided with your hard drive when you first bought it. If they told you it doesn't comes with any type of software, they are lying. It's a common practice
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