Monday, December 1, 2008


As you may heard that the international Media has condemn the Terrorist attack last week, as the entire Nation goes into shock and dismay for the Government, Why is it Media now a days can say anything without any repercussion as to what they convey to public viewers without any accountability, My Uncle from the Military told Me that the India Government had followed procedure learned from their trainings, this is why it took almost two and a half(2 1/2) days to mobilize the Authorities. So as the International Media convey their disbelief with the Government and little did anybody bother to ask the Authorities what are the SOPs' in dealing with the Terrorist. Most of the times Authorities are reluctant to answer questions being asked by Reporters in order to hold the Terrorist from doing further damage. Fuelling by Television to gain International coverage is the main objective of Terrorist in which they have succeeded in doing so, but at what price? The lives of so many Innocent Men, Women and Children, what should have been done is that Media shouldn't have covered it Live, because in doing so, you have allowed yourself to be used. Can we blame you? Just because stories like this what makes it so tempting or is it Corporate, Ratings, Freedom, Responsibility, Self interest. Re-thinking the priorities for someone has become just another Post Script to some. I think Live coverage from Terrorist attacks should be restraint by Governments around the World, I think Moral Obligation or Civil responsibility is no longer a valid reason for Freedom of speech in these circumstances, and I am disgust how Media have allowed itself to be manipulated, construed, dictated, and compromising Public conditioning. (Embassy hostage crisis) -PPP

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