Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Analysis of the market when launching your new product line is quite tedious and exhausting, to some they try to convince investor with data taken inside cyberspace which is not a good idea, freebies from cyberspace doesn't mean it will sell when finally withdrawn from the web, it doesn't mean that all cyberspace users like what they see or read, it doesn't mean that all are willing to spend just because a lot had visited your website, so let it be a lesson to all investors that the cyberspace is not at all reliable in making surveys, market reports, financial report being made by fund managers convincing us to invest in a particular product to be bankable when the reality of it is a total FLOP. Although it may hurt to admit or even reluctant to review your data in deviating from the truth that your business venture was a complete disaster, it may fail to inform you that your credibility as a forecaster or writer may be in doubt since if you can't criticize yourself then your bias. Money the root of all evil, it can influence market surveys for the worst.

I bet the producers had a lot of swearing to do after when it finally came to hit Him on the face, as to the employees, maybe affected by it's demise, but not as the same with the investors, their worries from bankruptcy to suicidal tendencies, I've seen it sometimes in the tube that some are as far from jumping off a 50 foot floor condo while electrocuting on His way down the gutter, others have heart attacks and slashing their wrists. So be ever watchful with symptoms of suicidal tendencies like: (a) Denial (b) Anger (c) Depression (d) fear (e) shame, rolled into one might be a deadly combination. So the better way to deal with the current crisis is that, have a constant communication, frequent visits might help and entice Him from going out it's nice to know that He still has friends when He hits rock bottom, or work-out in a gym to clear His head off. Don't accept "NO" for an answer if you have to drag His butt out then do so.

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