Tuesday, December 9, 2008


TRTYAPRAKRTI is what Kama Sutra refers to third sex, performing fellatio to men or being paid in cash or gifts to go away from family events like weddings, birth or new opening of shops, who has the right to ward them away? Discrimination is one part of human behavior that will only thrive on lack of education. Thanks for the aggressive campaign of Gay rights movement in India they have started to elect public official without any apprehensions, as far as any Gay or Lesbian is concern this has been a victory for any movement for equal rights under the law, although we will never eliminate stereotypes in society in as much as homosexuality it is good to know that becoming productive in society is more important than your fears. In a fast changing world, the rights of every citizen must be uphold by Government that is why that Religion and Government must never interfere with each other, some society only remembers the Holocaust of the Jews but the truth is it is the struggle of many facit of society were homosexual are also persecuted, decades ago when Government starts to become a cult thus persecution start to go out of control causing the lives of so many Jews and homosexuals alike. Gay parade is necessary indicate that growing concerns with their civil rights must be observe this is not a display of artistry at it's best but rather a display of FREEDOM for equality, until there are men who hides from their doors in dismay or disgust parades such as this is one among many to come, wave after wave after wave. When Religion starts imposing restrictions on human rights and say what about their rights--then the key is maximum tolerance, your not the only persons in town, then we must come out of the streets, wave after wave after wave. When Governments becomes united with religion and becomes a cult like NAZI GERMANY did, then we must come out of the streets, wave after wave after wave. When a Hospital in my own country violates the right to privacy and start recording video procedure in a Operating room without explicit consent, then we must come out of the streets, wave after wave after wave IN PROTEST OF YOUR DISGUSTING AND UNJUST FIXATION FOR HOMOSEXUALITY,VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN AND WAR.

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