Wednesday, December 3, 2008


A foreigner from a far away desert and where oil is the prime commodity in an Arab Nation, but being human sometimes has it's weakness even when you have Royal blood and could not produce an heir to the throne, but when the throne is in danger of losing you will have to do what's best for monarchy to move forward in hoping that the King will never find out that what he has fathered for so many years is not of his own blood. The Royal Prince is a teenager by now and is about to be in line for the next successor of monarchy, so do you think that it's import for tradition must be followed to build an Empire that one day may decide it's faiths' among commoners. You may think that it's rubbish and impossible to happen but they do happen and one story is about to unfold into a story of romance and betrayal, maybe faiths do smiles at lady luck and probably raising a kid doesn't matter if it's by blood or not but rather is how you have grown to appreciate in raising a child. But what about the genetic Father? Who has it's own life and had migrated to the United States? What is his own rule in this? Fathered with so many children with so many women I have noticed that when it comes to his kids blood is thicker than water. I guess his secrets will died with him forever -PPP

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