Friday, December 12, 2008


Who can say that things do happen between a boy and it's respectable teacher? Most of times boys do get carried away in outdoing their peers, in doing so secretive it may seems, things do slips out the mouth without any apprehension, when boys do boast about their sexcapades while having a gin tonic the topic gets even hotter by the minute and He told us his sexcapades during our sophomore years in high school.

It all started when we were having a barkada night together, as you may all know that it's punishable by dismissal and imprisonment of a teacher who gets involve with a boy who happens to be in a public school or any other school for that matter. I guess it's true as to what they say that Batangenios are feistier than ever or what we called it in tagalog SOBRANG MALIBOG. So moving on as to what so pause to be a night of fun because it was in Honor of their patron saints or what we called fiesta, inherited from our Spanish conquistadors a traditions best serve in a platter of humongous proportions of food. This is one holiday event that we looked forward to celebrate, the Batangenios are in deep preservation of it's tradition that they take it to a point to borrowed money just to have a festive fiesta spread from the traditional lecheon to the common gin tonic that most Batangenios love to drink.

Drunk and bathing at the beach I was most concern in going into the water since a lot of accidents happens while drunk but as the night deepens we start to talk about our sexcapades which ends up to one story of my friend RICHARD S. He told us that it start from a simple chores after school which he gladly obliged, finally heated-up with his desires to have sex with a teacher he accompanied her back to her house and what happens next is up to your dirty old fart's imaginations, although he's not a stranger to sex since he's been doing it with his girlfriend. The next morning we asked him again if it's for real, as to what he told us was the truth, he replied to us with a simple word "Yes".

I didn't saw him again as we parted ways, I didn't know what happened to him but somehow I know He's okay but as to the teacher who abuse her power I don't think this is right, since RICHARD didn't filed any complaint since it would be degrading for a young boy to be exposed. it's a Filipino ego that forbids all young boys in becoming young men, naughty it may seems it kinda loose it's luster if he reported it to the proper authorities. If it happened to your kids, what do you think the proper thing to do?

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