Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The last Survivors are both ready for the final verdict of the Jury, I really just don't get it as to why this two made it into the finals, some say it's the consistency of one person while some say it's just plain darn luck, last night came to my surprise as to who was left standing as I was hoping for Charisse to be the viable choice of ROB but then again they had their Gentleman's word that spelled out DOOM for Charisse, I heard that JC is the lone Survivor and had it all, the CAR and the MONEY. If what I read from other blogs was true that Paolo did slip saying that it was JC won it all I started to lose interest in watching the show until only last night that I finally took the liberty to watch the final days of Survivor Philippines. It sucks to know from someone if you had already knew in advance the winner of the game, it's not funny at all, it takes away all the excitement, if ever JC won the finale, I will never watch Survivor Philippines again!

Given the choices left, I pick ROB to win it, because JC had a easy life and He comes from a UPPER CLASS Family but base on the reaction of the Jury last night it's so obvious that ROB is their least favored choice to hand down the cool Three(3) Million, it's just that so sad that it appeared to be a popularity contest rather than a immunity challenge based points. I think that Survivor Philippines should change their criteria in choosing the winners of future contestants, it should have been based on purely earned points basis and not on popularity votes. I hope next time there would be a challenge separated from both sexes, it should have been two(2) categories, it's clear that women are they weaker sex by means of pure brute strength. The way Survivor should have presented it is by having two(2) final winners. It takes two(2) to worked things out but most importantly it takes two(2) to create and finally moved on to SURVIVED.
So I predict it to be ROB, mukhang mas maraming galit kay JC, one even commented that he's such a hypocrite. JC is the mastermind of it all, the jury said it by themselves, they are really piss off at JC, anyway he had the CAR so he already won something. But setting them aside did you notice Lola Zita's face, she really is scorn and bitter, and what about Marlon where is he? That is not Marlon at all. Charisse is like an angry Chipmunk ready to bite off JC's head, and what about Vhern she toned down her style good for her at least she doesn't look like a fucking gift box. and finally I've notice Chitae he's really piss off with JC too and by the looks of it they had their consensus of voting for ROB for sure.

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