Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Seven things when He/She is cheating on you. Now remember don't blame yourself when your relationships start to buckle down, it doesn't mean that your such a loser, it's just that your beginning to creep them out.

1. When doesn't return your text or calls.
2. When starts deleting your most recent text.
3. When starts reasoning out my phone was "Low Batt".
4. When starts reasoning out "I'm sick" when you want to go out.
5. When you caught em lying twice.
6. When starts to forget your birthday.
7. When starts to hide.

This goes to both sexes, if you have more to add on the list please don't hesitate to do so. Break-ups are so gloomy but hey it's nice to know you have a friend to confide on to, remember they are the shock absorbers of your pitiful scene that you called life. Sadly to say to those who doesn't have true friends end up killing themselves--suicidal bitch! Others goes to a deeper denial and they end up in a cult or becoming a nun armed with a stick, believe me I had one of those when I used to be in high school. So you see there if you don't confide with someone your probably ending up ruining it for everybody else.

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