Friday, November 21, 2008


This story begun like any other romance, I guess women wants to have at least one of their dreams come true. But then again there are some things in life we can't be so sure about, some say it from exchanges in vows, "until death do us part", but when poverty and loneliness gets a hold on your relationship and turns it into something else, then if not for the better then we foresee the worst of times ahead.
When I saw a Couple who treats their partners as best of friends, you can't say that you're heading for troubled relationship, but when two people helps each others out just to have end meats now that's a different story, with nothing else in their pockets, they perceived to be happy and content, but the funny thing is that, one time I told my friend to help his wife to carry some of the load that she drag (1 case of soft drinks) from a distance of 300 meters to the spot where they vend. Come to think of it, it probably where the relationship drifted. I guess, if you treat your wife like a baggage boy from a supermarket, do you think that any time soon this marriage ends up in constant bickering and endless battery? I guess so?!
Ask yourself? What ever did happened? You see guys going back a few years, She cheated on him, and you thought men are cheaters. Some liberalised women may say "It's probably his own fault" but when you forgave your wife, it's not easy to forgive and forget--right? For the ladies who said--right, but what if, She had done it again, only this time Her nude pictures where posted in an anonymous account of in which no doubt you've probably have seen it. I pity her and the kids.
Moving on, this other guy, a Filipino actor by profession took advantage of her, this character actor, no longer famous, and the showbiz community doesn't care anymore and not interested to post an article simply because he is "laos na", so what? What about his unlawful act, should this perpetrator go unpunished? So please leave a short comment on what to do, so that we can give my friends advice some time soon. If you have time leave a message for my lady friend too. I am just so furious with this guy who has no respect for women. I can't reveal yet to you who is this guy until I get your support and show it to my friends as to what to do. Thank you guys and God bless. PPP

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