Monday, October 27, 2008


Ther are two ways to reformat your hard drive, knowing that your data inside your hard drive is unrecovable due to that fact of a system crash down. Get ready to run you CD Software accompanied by each hard drive purchase just load your Disc utility CD thne all is follow the instructions which are easy to understand even for an eight year old child (User Friendly), but here in the Philippines Software Stores tend to omit such important tool inside each purchased hard drive. Here are some easy steps to follow;

1. Get ready to load your Startup diskette and placed it inside your diskette drve A, if you don't have one try to download somewhere else.

2. As soon as it prompts to A:\ type in fdisk then press ENTER.

3. in prompt A type in Format c:/s or Format c:.

4. PRESS 'YES' Warning all data will be deleted.

5. after finishing restart, almost as good as new. If it ask to be repartitioned then read my next blog about PARTITIONING YOU HARD DRIVE. Remember, this procedure is cheap it will cost you one lousy diskette rather than buying a software that cost $200 or Php8,000. What todays software has done is that they made this old way of doing it represented it in a user friendly format, so what are you paying for? Simple it's the "IDEA" but still the same procedure they just made it pretty to look at. please do be careful in taking good care of your hard drive. DON'T DROP IT FOR ANY REASON. Proceed to step 3

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