Monday, September 15, 2008


A lot of people has been stopping it and at the same time a lot wanting it, so where does it live us? In between? But all I know it's inevitable, time will pass, the people clamouring for it will get old and die and the next generation will take over. So, what is the point in all doing this? a lot of reasons , probably personal gain, I mean lets face it, who ever gets the Cha-Cha from being passed will go down in history books to single handle the Charter Change, not a bad thing to be remembered for, people with power whether in public or private life will always have the knacked for more power, the only good thing in public life is whether or not you made a difference that will affect the countless lives of Filipinos, Rest assured that long arm of the law will always be there to defend our basic human rights but as to some private sector who's clamouring for it's derailment, God knows what personal agendas are behind it that will never be made accountable by the law because these people will just shy away from public humiliation, like what happened in Makati, where they themselves don't have the nerve to unite, don't be naive, I wasn't born yesterday, the news travels fast "kayo kayo nag aaway kong sino ba dapat at hindi dapat umakyat sa Entablado", freaky! How ridiculous is that happening..hahah! No matter what you do charter change is immanent now or the next administration and the lucky bustard will go down in history to be the President that went through from thick and thin, and have his/her face immortalize in history books. But I guess there are some in private sector who wants their ugly faces in history books to be immortalize as well, who doesn't? Don't be such a hypocrite. PPP

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