Saturday, September 27, 2008


A decade ago I had the lowest point in my life, I felt like I was worthless, my life was going nowhere, I was tired of my fucking job while my boss gets richer, I was penniless and underpaid and the worst part was I was uneducated. No matter what I did traveling abroad I was still depress, I wasn't enjoying the scenes and the funny part was I've notice more how bright the sun was back home. In my depression I had withdrawn from eating and was getting thinner by the day, clearly I had panic but the medical doctors could not explain it Co's test were clean as a whistle, then it hit me I was having a post depression. knowing this you've probably thought I almost ended my life, wrong! but to someone who can relate to me can say they almost did. The first thing you should do is tell yourself "everything will change for the better and I'm doing it today", then start meditating (Praying) at least 15 minutes a day, then I bought a dog her name was SNOOPY, my dog died 4 years ago just about my father died of lung cancer. Moving on you should never forget to visit Mom and Dad or a close relative when these things happens and just have your entire day spending with them and then meditate before going to bed, If they say I know most people do say "I pity you" don't ever let them,just tell them "Please don't be I don't like it", because I know, I've hated my folks for it. After making few small steps at the time, start making a huge decision that will make a huge impact into your life, start Gardening it's a wonderful way to treat yourself or take some course that you've been wanting to try it out but here's the kicker before doing a huge change in your life start forgiving yourself and the person you've been hating for so many years. Only by that way your releasing yourself with the old you'd better start with a new fresh on perspective then breathe 3 times then meditate, just don't forget to meditate everyday. After my Dad died my Dog died, same thing I did, meditating again and of course telling myself "everything will change for the better and I'm doing it today". My Dad never did witness my college graduation but somehow I knew he was there, smiling, besides life is too short to be depress all the time. Somebody told me, why don't I exercise? I told him that keeping with a heavy heart will only kill you sooner than expected, that's why a lot of people who are sick because they expose themselves directly with too much hatred and violence, I believe it's not the food that we eat but rather the excessive eating is why we are sick but the hate you keep deep down inside is somewhat like poisons to your body, it poisons you each day at the time. So now I treat my body with respect I make it to a point that I never watch anything sad on the tube, if that happens I turned it off. All things in moderation. Never go to sleep without first forgiving who you hate, it's all in the meditation and thanking for having a nice day, enjoy your life one day at a time, now I'm enjoying what I have and be contended with and I love my new pet named "BINGO", for me he's the greatest dog no matter what you say, really a man best friend, and of course it's healthy to have a relationship never think what might happen later on but this I guarantee you, If you start your relationship with a give and take attitude, trust and most importantly meditate, then you'll never go wrong. You will start to notice your sweating for the first time, then your headaches starts to dissipates, your sense of smells heightens, muscle cramps lessen. Got to think of it, I can't remember when was the last time I felt great but only when I used to meditate, so think what I just said-- try meditating again. PPP

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