Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Venturing Into New Grounds

A week ago my relative tries to convince me on venturing out into mining but scrubbing it aside I was able to concentrated about a lot of things and setting my priorities. Last night I was surprise that my relative has given me a sample what appeared to be (Au) but until I have no confirmation about its true identity from a sub atomical level, I can't say. I have told him before that such a venture from this kind of business has a lot of dedication and time to be allotted from this particular business.

Although this maybe a lucrative venture if we ever struck it rich, from logistics to careful study of fine prints of contracts its important to see that one must be well prepared of things to happen when things are expedited.

In Mining one should have a good business partner in ascertaining such minerals at hand. Like SGS Philippines I have consider this Laboratory to be top of its craft, Credible and accurate but a lot bit expensive specially when your just starting. Another Laboratory in Laguna is also as credible as accurate and that is OSTRIA LABORATORIES, not as expensive but reasonable, it maybe more feasible for small time businessman, although I had to meet a lot from SGS personnel, I do admit that some from SGS are friendlier specially when it comes to their inspectors. But if one has prospect from China I think its better to contact OCC??(Secret) in Mandaluyong, a Government Mining Industry mining up to 5000 MT per day, I have learned from my Chinese counter parts are more than willing to inspect a prospective site in their terms of course, I hope my contacts are still there and hopefully haven't resigned yet.

I still have a little bit of apprehension because of what happened to my health, I tell you no matter how strong and fit you are, the poisonous minerals will soon gets you no matter how careful protocols are in placed. Beside some part of the country still imposes its restrictions by the President of The Philippines.

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