Thursday, April 16, 2009


My first book when I started reading after graduation, and I really enjoyed this book full of substance not to mention it thought me a lot of vocabulary. I started out reading it because I just wanted to practice my diction and it turned out to be rewarding. Although I have only scratched the surface at page one twenty seven, it keep me wondering what he really felt if he were alive today. I was comparing him with our national hero and wonder if he wrote with the same grammar. Him being a lawyer and he being a doctor, both professional with the same passions and yet continents apart. Though they maybe racial difference it never fails to amaze me that disappointments in life has shadows and have taken one step ahead in harboring our greatest heroes. I always wanted to learn French but I have no money for that but if given a chance I will take the opportunity in a heart beat. In these times of crisis its best to take refuge in the wise footnotes of our national heroes to inspire us in more ways than anyone can imagine, making it simple but true to its words, labor of love that will straighten the faiths. But as I read deeper one thing never change "the national deficit still grows", having daughters to attend too just like President Obama, like a normal family that one should always reconsider are the safety of the kids, taking heed what Jefferson did, his word is absolute and not to be contended with by a whining child. But there are times that being Catholics spoils their children, My only regret is that I have not read it sooner, believe me when I say, its nice to read other cultures once in a while so that one would not be ignorant and arrogant, a common mistake among strangers but so nice to see a common courtesy among friends. PPP

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