Thursday, July 2, 2009


Now a days some say its HO or Orc Dungeon are the best places to level your Ragnarok characters but for me the new place is Morroc, Sphinx4 Dungeon--proven to be true for me in just 3 weeks my mage went from level 35 to level 96 with party support using this bot 2.0.7 version. The point awarded to you are from the lowest .01% to a high of .12% in succession of attacks not likely to be true in some places like HO or Orc Dungeons somehow the new RO has set a different bonus points awarded to each character in the past few weeks the number of bots playing in the Sphinx4 maps has tripled in size where some greedy players now has launch mischievous tactics in unleashing mobs of monsters upon wave after wave along the destination of helpless newbies. Anyway their the ones buying the dead branches which is good for my merchant and more sales for me---Smileys. So bring it all in, mobs of monsters it will be more fun for us in dealing so, who said your the only ones has the right in reaping the benefits in botting. PPP
If you have notice when typing a particular console commands its best to know the basics like what are the skills of a bot character in doing so just type into the console the word "skills" and a list of skills will be displayed at your disposal i.e. the skill resurrection is skill number 54 thus when automacro bot resu fails just type into the console the word "sp 54 0", sp/for a particular skill you wanted to use upon a character, 54/is the resu skill number, and the zero is the number of what is assign to you when you type into the console the word "pl" now this is how most macros commands are use you can write macros using the basic of the bot commands thus creating your own version of automacros. But since macro manual have been pulled out of the context I wonder why? The reason is so obvioius guys, until next time try to know more about the basics of macro.


saber said...

level 1 - 96 po. d po ata kaya lvl one jan. at meron po ba kayu kasamang FS? na inspire po ako sa sinabi ninio kaya po gumawa na din ako ng mage. puede po pa help tips kung san lvl 1-10-20-30-40-50... thankyou po. ill pay if needed. thankyou po.

Tito Pat said...

Thanks for poiting that out, but forgot to edit my blog since now a days I'm outside having fun with my friends. We all thank openkore for that, 'LEAVE YOUR BOT STAYED ONLINE WITH MIMNIMAL WORRIES."

Moving on to better things lets worked the erros you've encountered.

Go to this site for info and tips here is the link

levels 1-10 (Novice) yuno_fild03 30, 78

Levels 11-23 (Mage) Yuno_fild03 30, 78 - Just to work out your primary skills weather it may be Fire bolt but for me Soul Strike lvl 10, you decide which do you want.

With or without priest fine adjust your settings if it still died adjust it further bit lower here mine as 98 without priest support

teleportAuto_hp 70
teleportAuto_idle 1
teleportAuto_portal 1
teleportAuto_search 0
teleportAuto_minAggressives 4
teleportAuto_minAggressivesInLock 4
teleportAuto_onlyWhenSafe 0
teleportAuto_maxDmg 1
teleportAuto_maxDmgInLock 135
teleportAuto_deadly 1
teleportAuto_useSkill 3
teleportAuto_allPlayers 0
teleportAuto_atkCount 0
teleportAuto_unstuck 1
teleportAuto_lostTarget 0
teleportAuto_dropTarget 1
teleportAuto_dropTargetKS 1
teleportAuto_attackedWhenSitting 1
teleportAuto_totalDmg 500
teleportAuto_totalDmgInLock 1000
teleportAuto_equip_leftAccessory Clip [Creamy] [1]

you can ajdjust your teleportAuto_hp 70 to 80

teleportAuto_maxDmgInLock 135 to 30

Levels 24-35 (mage) orcsdun01 then apply for energy coat at level 35

the rest I leave it all to you distkarte mo na lng dude.

Using a tele clip at 90, I start out as mage with +7 equipments now still the same frankly speaking wala ako pambili ng +8 to +10 pero content nko sa 98, now I have 40% in my exp. ang importante dun masaya na ako at nakaka2log pa THANKS OPENKORE!

Tito Pat said...

Ops forgot adjust you settings from

teleportAuto_totalDmg 500 to 20 this per hits of monsters because if you set this up if max monsters hits lets say 256 per hit then you'll be dead in 4 hits.

teleportAuto_totalDmgInLock 1000 to 100 this one is the total damage made by monsters before tele

the reason why we did this is for example if your mage has 1000 HP accredited to you the you cant afford letting your HP down to 20% or more because the next hits might be your last. parati kang patay.^_^

Tito Pat said...

One thing more I've notice when my exp starts to slow down at level 90 I wasn't budging anymore so I tried going to places that I havent been, manually and tried killing the monsters after that as soon as I've start to go back botting in sphinx4 and 5 exp starts to budge again, is that weird or what?

Opinion; I think MMorpg maybe just maybe has a trigger exp play that unless you have not traveled that far you are a less wiser tahn used too, NO PAIN NO GAIN. So try to go places that are new to you and try to hit them it may trigger that thing which I called it trigger n' exp.

Tito Pat said...

But before I've even got my energy coat I was playing in gl_prison at level 26 with FS bot suppport. When I when to ice_dun at level 93 it was just as the same with sphinx4 and 5 but the defference is the massive strike on a particular location casted by your skill while in ice city your are using JT as your primary skill not as massive as GS in multiple targets. There you have it the secrets so my leveling ups scheme.

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